David Canary Biografía - CELEBRI
David Hoyt Canary
25 August 1938, Elwood, Indiana, USA
5' 11 1/2"

* 'Julie M. Anderson ' (? - ?) (divorced); 1 child

* 'Maureen Maloney' (1982 - present); 2 children

* Went to the University of Cincinnati on a football scholarship and graduated as a music major.

* Daughter, Lisa (aka 'Diamond ' ) by Julie. Daughter Katy and son Christopher by Maureen.

* Studied karate under 'Chuck Norris' .

* In addition to playing Candy Canaday on "Bonanza" (1959) , he has some noteworthy western forbears in his own family. He is the great-great-nephew of Martha Jane Canary, a.k.a. Calamity Jane.

* Made his Broadway debut in 'José Quintero ' 's production of "Great Day in the Morning" starring 'Colleen Dewhurst' , then came a draft call from the U.S. Army. He entered and won the All Army Entertainment Contest for best popular singer.

* Performed in a one-man show "Clarence Darrow".

* Canary is married to actress Maureen Maloney, with whom he has a son and daughter. Canary also has an older daughter from a previous marriage to Julie Anderson.

* During a contract dispute in 1967 between actor 'Leonard Nimoy' and the producers of "Star Trek" (1966) , Canary was a strong contender as a replacement for Mr. Spock.

* Trained as a singer while at college (majored in voice) and soon acting became his ambition. He followed college performances with summer stock shows and eventually Broadway.

* Grew up and attended high school in Massillon, Ohio, playing football for the famed Massillon Tigers of Washington High School before earning a football scholarship and playing varsity at the University of Cincinnati.

* Has portrayed the roles of conniving, mercurial Adam Chandler and his loving, simple-minded twin brother Stuart on "All My Children" (1970) since 1983 and gets double pay for playing both roles. Has been nominated 16 times for daytime Emmys for playing the dual roles and has taken home 5 Emmy trophies.

* Has a brother 'John Canary' who also a actor.

* Stage: Appearedon Broadway in "Shenandoah".

* Stage: Appeared on Brodway in "I Do! I Do!"

* Stage: Appeared on Brodway in "Kismet".

* Stage: Appeared on Broadway in "Sweeney Todd".

* Stage: Appeared on Broadway in "Man of La Mancha".

* Stage: Appeared on Broadway in "The Cardinal".

* Stage: Appeared on Broadway in "The Fantasticks".

* Stage: Appeared [Broadway debut] in 'José Quintero ' 's production of "Great Day in the Morning" starring 'Colleen Dewhurst' .

* Stage: Appeared in one-man show, "Clarence Darrow".

* "TV Guide" (USA), 1 June 2009, Vol. 57, Iss. 23, pg. 84, by: Michael Logan, "Who Killed Stuart?"